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The UK Division has been a part of the Angel Quilt Project almost from the very beginning. Alison Norris founded the Division and was featured in an article in the May 2001 Cross Stitcher UK magazine (Click here for Page 1 and here for Page 2). The membership in the UK grew from 24 to over 300 members as a result. She ran the Division with the help of Julia Rees and Belle Collingwood until she stepped down.

Over time, many of the founder members left the group due to family commitments etc. Belle continued to co-ordinate the group until her untimely death in early 2011. Sue Kennerley and Caroline Windaybank got together and decided to keep the group running and have been doing so ever since. They reduced the numbers of hospitals that they sent out quilts to, but have sent out a steady flow to the hospitals listed below. Their membership is now on the rise again and in 2012 they have sent more finished quilts out to hospitals than in recent years!

The UK Division is self-funding, providing all materials and threads themselves. Finishers provide the quilting materials and postage. After much discussion with the hospitals, they usually send out batches of quilts to hospitals. This means that everyone in a NICU gets a quilt on the day they arrive. The staff found it very difficult to choose the very sickest babies to give quilts to when they sent only 1 or 2 quilts at a time!

Our Current Hospital List:

Sue Kennerly has long been active with the Memory Lane Stitchers, who take care of Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan and Derian House Children's Hospice

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